Cathryn Trigg

Cathryn Trigg is a Clinical Psychologist of over 25 years experience and has assisted people with a wide variety of difficulties, in many different settings, across the lifespan.


Cathryn obtained her first Masters at Melbourne University in Clinical Psychology in the 1980’s and a subsequent Master’s equivalent in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, also at Melbourne University.


Cathryn initially worked in community adult mental health services and at the Repatriation General Hospital with Veterans, Defense Force personnel and those with medical problems. She later moved into Child and Adolescent Mental Health services at Monash Medical Center and then the Austin Hospital, where she held senior clinical positions in both outpatient and inpatient teams. After a ‘seachange’ to the Mornington Peninsula, she commenced private practice in 2007.


Cathryn is committed to helping people with emotional distress and psychological difficulties, to find ways forward in their lives and to deal with life’s challenges. She is able to see clients of all ages from early childhood to older adults. Her approach is flexible and is derived from a number of therapy models depending on clients’ needs, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, psychoeducation, Psychodynamic therapy, family therapy and play therapy. She is able to provide short term work, parent/family work, liaison with other health practitioners, assistance in crises and longer term counseling.

Presenting concerns may include (but not limited to):

  • Anxiety/depression/mood disorders
  • Serious mental illness
  • Personality issues
  • Child/adolescent emotional and behavioural problems
  • Trauma/childhood sexual abuse
  • Childhood adversity
  • ADHD, developmental disorders
  • Coping with physical health problems
  • Family/parenting issues/separation issues/parent-child relationship issues
  • Life challenges